National Geographic Recommends Salvador, Brazil

National Geographic has a “Best Trips” / “Where to Travel 2019” feature online, twenty-eight recommended locations…

One of these is Salvador, Brazil.

The description begins “The capital of the northeastern state of Bahia is Brazil’s musical heart and soul. Multiple music genres, such as bossa nova, samba, and tropicália, were born in the city…”

We’ll give National Geographic credit for including Salvador! And won’t quibble about the fact that bossa nova wasn’t born in Salvador (although it was born in the hands of Bahian João Gilberto, of Juazeiro, Bahia)…and the fact that samba was born in the Recôncavo (although the Recôncavo — in the cultural sense — at one time extended into what is now metropolitan Salvador, giving the statement in question a certain erring logic).

Tropicália? (yawn, the ’60s are over). Axé music? (snore).

Bahia is a King Solomon’s mine of musical riches. The thing about mines is ya gotta dig.