Hot Dougie’s is Re-Opening!

Hot Dougie’s was Doug Adair’s ostensible hot dog joint in Porto da Barra, here in Salvador, but the place was really more about music than hot dogs (and chili nachos and such). It was kind of a hole-in-the wall where people were served over the front counter giving onto the street (directly across that street from the beach), with musicians sitting outside and tables and chairs for customers. It was perfect for a tropical country like Brazil.

Doug closed down for a while and is re-opening — or kind of re-opening — this coming Friday, December 28th. The uncertainty is whether or not the necessary permits will come through by tomorrow (as I write). If they don’t, there’s going to be music anyway (samba, from 6 p.m., with Lula & os Marinheiros) and Doug will be giving away free samples.

When things are fully rolling at Hot Dougie’s 2.0 there will be craft beer on draft and along with the original menu there will be a whole healthy menu too, the latter under the aegis of channeled Burl Ives…Uncle Burl!

UPDATE! Doug’s alvará (license) to open officially hasn’t come through yet, so the place will be unofficially open and giving away “samples”, including beer (!).

Lula and the guys will be there playing, the plan being to utilize the bus stop across the street as a stage…

Gonna be interesting to see how things work out! But work out one way or another, they will!