Roda de Choro in Mother’s House

“Mother’s House” is  Casa da Mãe in Salvador’s neighborhood of Rio Vermelho, the mother in question being Yemanjá, female deity of the salt waters. Casa da Mãe sits across from the beach where every February 2nd presents are taken out to sea for Yemanjá, and an enormous festival takes place.

Thursday nights these days are given to choro — exquisite choro — played by Elisa Goritzki, Dudu Reis, Daniel Velloso Rocho, and Sebastian Notini — and other musicians who show up and sit in.

Cover charge is 10 reais (for such fabulous music; can you believe it?).

Food and drink on the premises. Casa da Mãe is owned and run by Stella Maris, a young(ish) singer from the town of Santo Amaro, at the north end of the bay.

Casa da Mãe’s address is Rua Guedes Cabral, 81.

Daniel Velloso Rocho plays Interrogando by João Pernambuco, who emigrated from Recife, Pernambuco — hence his apelido — to Rio de Janeiro to find work as a musician in the early part of the 20th century…and who ended his days as as an entrance guard at a school where the students (and almost certainly the faculty) were unaware that the courtly gentleman watching over things there was one of Brazil’s greatest artists.